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This si where I put stuff which I LOVE.


Remember Me by sizuka-90

This is really beautiful and sweet! I love how you have thought about this because some other artists would just go and take a picture ...

Glint by IAmATimeLord

Very well draw! I love it. You have used colour and texture well and I love the tone in it! This picture really speaks to me. Lets me g...


The Fukui family - eyes by daydreamer449
The Fukui family - eyes
"All you do these days is draw your ocs!"
That is true. I draw them because I love my original characters to bits and I want to explore what they look like. This is my avatar oc's eyes and her family. I binge watched ATLA for the past week and I felt inspired so Leiko came into creation! 
leiko is from the fire nation and is the youngest of four. Her older siblings being Ichiro, 20, Naomi, 19, and Kiki, 17. Leiko is 15 when Sozin's comet is set to return. She leaves home at 13 on the ultimate mission to become an earthbender as she feels she is not a firebender. Ultimately she never manages to become a earthbender and so has accept the fact she is a firebender. She is based on Tahn's sister from the episode Serpant's pass. But is she really 'Tahn's sister' or she just travelling with the, for her convience? Who knows!
Livid little Scot by daydreamer449
Livid little Scot
*Gasp* Catherine you actually drew a canon character for once? Yes I did. Surprise!

Tis' Merida. :3 I think I may of annoyed her just a wee bit.

Rainbow Sheep #2 
All aboard the Rapunzel Edit bandwagon. by daydreamer449
All aboard the Rapunzel Edit bandwagon.
This was my second time doing a proper photoshop edit so don't kill me. The hair is all wrong and so is her left arm ;-;
This was done for my friend Ashley, she adores Rapunzel so I thought 'Hey! Let's make Ashley as Rapunzel.' This was the result.
Rainbow Sheep #2 
Catherine, let go of my cat. by daydreamer449
Catherine, let go of my cat.
"Put Skye down, Catherine!"

"But she is so warm and snuggly! I want to hug her until the end of time."

Say Catherine, wouldn't it be great if you drew some canon characters for once instead of you constantly drawing yourself in the style of your favourite shows?

It would be great but it's not happening any time soon.

 Rainbow Sheep #2
WHERE'S THE WIFI?! by daydreamer449
My first comic people! So happy that I finally had the inspiration to do one.
Have a mini story to accompany the comic with.

— — — — —

"Alright Tash. You're smart. Tell me where the wifi is at. It's been three days already and I can't seem to find it." A grumpy Catherine said in a impatient tone. She looked like she hadn't slept in a good few days and her appearance made her look like she had been dragged through a bush backwards. She had deep rings under her eyes and a annoyed scowl plastered on her face. Her straight brown hair was unruly, implying it hadn't been brushed in quite a few days - quite unlike her. The Hufflepuff was not very happy at all. She was a first year and had a massive internet addiction. 

The blonde Ravenclaw bit her lip nervously and thought about the situation. How was she going to break it to her friend that there was actually no wifi at Hogwarts? "Umm..." She stuttered, trying to come up with an answer. 

"So?" Catherine snapped at her best friend, crossing her arms. 

"Umm..." Tasha tried again but she was unable to formulate any words. Her mouth went dry. 

Catherine without wifi was a scary Catherine. 

Speaking of the very fed up Hufflepuff, she grabbed her best friend roughly by the shoulders and pulled the unfortunate Ravenclaw towards her. The girls were round about the same height, with Catherine being about half am inch taller. She stood up on her tiptoes, so that she was towering over Tasha. The Ravenclaw bent back in fright, she was about to face the dreaded wrath of Catherine. "TELL ME WOMAN! OR I WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING YOU HOLD DEAR!" She shrieked, her black and yellow scarf fluttering about from the sudden movements. 

Tasha let out a yelp and clamped her eyes tightly shut. "THERE IS NO WIFI HERE!" She cried back, trembling. 

Catherine suddenly released her best friend and recoiled, staring straight ahead. "Wat." Her face had paled significantly and her expression had taken on one of a poker face. A million thoughts were running through her head. No wifi at Hogwarts?! How was she going to survive! This was the 21st Century! Hogwarts should of had wifi. Or was it too modern for their tastes? Catherine settled on her final thought. It reminded her of only last week when she had taken her pencil case to one of her classes and had drawn out a biro pen. Quills were so old and inconvenient to write with! She had been the shining star of the class as all the purebloods in there had, had no clue what this endless ink thing was. Oh the joys of muggle instruments, and Hannah had said she wouldn't of needed it. Ha. Proved her wrong! 

Speaking of the Gryffindor, she had appeared next to Tash. She had been on her way to her potions class when she saw her two new friends in mid argument. Curiosity had gotten the better of her and she had wondered over to her friends to see what was up. "Oh my god! I think I've broken Cath!" Natasha cried, hands covering her mouth. Hannah raised an eyebrow in confusion and glanced at the Hufflepuff. She was just frozen solid, basking in her thoughts. The Gryffindor frowned and turned her attention towards the Ravenclaw. "What happened to her?" She inquired. "Wifi, that's what." Tasha retorted with, "She's discovered there is no wifi here." 

The pureblood was even more confused by that answer. "What's wifi?" She asked Tash. 

This seemed to snap Catherine out of her daze as a frown suddenly formed on her face. "What's wifi?!" She said in disbelief, turning to look at Hannah. Tash subtly took a few steps back from the raging girl, knowing she was about to blow. "ONLY THE GREATEST THING MANKIND HAS BLESSED US WITH!" She shouted aloud, clearing astonished that the pureblood hadn't heard of wifi.

Hannah smirked. "Can't be that good if I haven't heard of it." She replied hotly, crossing her arms; mischief in her eyes. She was hoping for a reaction from the Hufflepuff.

"Screw you." Catherine said before storming off.

"Where you going?!" Tasha called, cupping her hands around her mouth so that her question would be carried further.

Catherine waved a hand dismissively, still storming away. "To find some way to create wifi in Hogwarts!" She shouted back.

"CATH, MAGIC AND TECHNOLOGY DO NOT MIX WELL TOGETHER!" Tash shouted louder, as to be heard.

"WHATEVER!" Catherine shrieked back, spinning round on her heels and glaring at the two girls before storming off once more.
I love Percy Jackson and want Nico as my own.

However he is gay and I'm crying because I can never have him as my own now. 

That is all.

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