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This si where I put stuff which I LOVE.


Remember Me by sizuka-90

This is really beautiful and sweet! I love how you have thought about this because some other artists would just go and take a picture ...

Glint by IAmATimeLord

Very well draw! I love it. You have used colour and texture well and I love the tone in it! This picture really speaks to me. Lets me g...


Hayley as Megara by daydreamer449
Hayley as Megara
This is for a Percy Jackson Fanfiction a friend and I are writing about the children of Iris, it's called Rainbow Veins.

Hayley is the eldest daughter of Iris. I photoshopped Megara to look like Hayley because my friend and I agreed that if Hayley was a Disney female character she would most definite be Meg as their personalities are very similar.

The Fukui family - eyes by daydreamer449
The Fukui family - eyes
"All you do these days is draw your ocs!"
That is true. I draw them because I love my original characters to bits and I want to explore what they look like. This is my avatar oc's eyes and her family. I binge watched ATLA for the past week and I felt inspired so Leiko came into creation! 
leiko is from the fire nation and is the youngest of four. Her older siblings being Ichiro, 20, Naomi, 19, and Kiki, 17. Leiko is 15 when Sozin's comet is set to return. She leaves home at 13 on the ultimate mission to become an earthbender as she feels she is not a firebender. Ultimately she never manages to become a earthbender and so has accept the fact she is a firebender. She is based on Tahn's sister from the episode Serpant's pass. But is she really 'Tahn's sister' or she just travelling with the, for her convience? Who knows!
Livid little Scot by daydreamer449
Livid little Scot
*Gasp* Catherine you actually drew a canon character for once? Yes I did. Surprise!

Tis' Merida. :3 I think I may of annoyed her just a wee bit.

Rainbow Sheep #2 
All aboard the Rapunzel Edit bandwagon. by daydreamer449
All aboard the Rapunzel Edit bandwagon.
This was my second time doing a proper photoshop edit so don't kill me. The hair is all wrong and so is her left arm ;-;
This was done for my friend Ashley, she adores Rapunzel so I thought 'Hey! Let's make Ashley as Rapunzel.' This was the result.
Rainbow Sheep #2 
Catherine, let go of my cat. by daydreamer449
Catherine, let go of my cat.
"Put Skye down, Catherine!"

"But she is so warm and snuggly! I want to hug her until the end of time."

Say Catherine, wouldn't it be great if you drew some canon characters for once instead of you constantly drawing yourself in the style of your favourite shows?

It would be great but it's not happening any time soon.

 Rainbow Sheep #2
I love Percy Jackson and want Nico as my own.

However he is gay and I'm crying because I can never have him as my own now. 

That is all.

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